Sandra Parsekian

Jewelry…..adornment, small sculptural forms, precious metals, precious stones, personal identification. Jewelry is many things, It enhances our persona, defines us in our choices, shows it to  the world as we wear it. Jewelry creates a personal bond beteween the piece and the person wearing it. It has value personally and monitarily, used as money in trade, expression of love and commitment, spiritual devotion.  Jewelry can be for a moments pleasure or carry centuries of historical meaning.
Two years ago, in the fall of 2013 I began to study jewelry making and create a body of work ,  a series of pieces…Here began this multi faceted journey. From precious metals to the seductive power of stones , creating beautiful objects to adorn our body, to offer and define love, to create meaning and historical purpose, to make us feel good or to just add a bit of color to our lives for that  moment.  Jewelry is a world all to its own.

The pieces I have created only begin to touch the potetiality of this medium, as each medium: as in paint or in clay, or in metals, has its own unique possibilities and limitation. These pieces are for sale yet more importantly I offer commission, one of a kind objects, that can be made from special pieces one has in their collection that needs renovating, or new pieces, depending on the desires of the specific client. I will be posting my latest creations regularly.