Sandra Parsekian

Portraiture is a branch of the arts filled with mystery and history. It is an exersize, a human study, a psycological study  of that one human being. It´s a relationship between you the artist, and your sitter. Relating and understanding,  the ability to pull out who that person is and put it down in areas of color, line and space. It is a representation of that person, a representation of their spirit, their soul, their core, their vibe, their image, their general essence. All is tied together at that specific moment in the time you are creating the piece. Through my experience in life with people and portraiture I dont think a person changes, really. Our image modifies, but our essence, who we are, does not. We are who we are, and maybe, one of our jobs in life is to get to know and understand that. Portraiture is a complete study; multi faceted, interesting , difficult, and revealing. A reflection…when Don Quijote looks into the mirror, he sees who he is, his reflection, and the portrait of himself. That is what I aim to achieve in my portraits.

Personalize Portraits Available Upon Request.